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35th Annual WS Competition

Held at JG Cooksey Training Center in Salt Lake City, UT

Back row (left to right): Andrew Jones (Asst Area Coordinator), Tim Ruth, (Union Judge), Ron Mayor (APCom Judge), Mark Keffeler (Union Judge), Michael Nelson (CMW Judge); Front row (left to right): Brad Flanigan (Local 242 Contestant), Michael Gonzales (Local 101 Contestant), Timmetha Johnson (Local 4 Contestant), Michael Yazzie (Local 627 Contestant), Daniel Leyva (Local 92 Contestant), Alex Levine (Local 549 Contestant), Brandon Tyson (Local 502 Contestant), Collin Keisling (Area Coordinator), Ted Unsworth (APF Judge), Steve Brown (Union Judge) 

Left to Right: Tom Baca, IVP; Collin Keisling, Area Coordinator; Brad Flanigan, Local 242 Contestant; Ed McWhorter, Chairman; Scott Widdicombe, Local 242 Business Manager

1st Place

Left to Right: Tom Baca, IVP; Collin Keisling, Area Coordinator; Brandon Tyson, Local 502 Contestant; Ed McWhorter, Chairman; Tracey Eixenberger, Local 502 Business Manager; Mike Anthony, Local 502 Coordinator

2nd Place

Left to Right: Tom Baca, IVP; Collin Keisling, Area Coordinator; Michael Yazzie, Local 627 Contestant; Ed McWhorter, Chairman; Jacob Evenson, Local 627 Business Manager

3rd Place

Left to Right: Marshall Wright, Local 4 Business Manager; Timmetha Johnson, Local 4 Contestant

Local 4 Contestant

Left to Right: Michael Gonzales, Local 101 Contestant; Robert Gallegos, Local 101 Business Manager

Local 101   Contestant

Left to Right: Che Rocchild, Local 549 Coordinator; Randy Thomas, Local 549 Business Manager; Alex Levine, Local 549 Contestant; Steve Brown, Local 549 Instructor

Local 549   Contestant

Left to Right: Henry Cortez, Trustee; Hugo Castaneda, Local 92 Instructor; Alfredo Leyva, Local 92 Coordinator; Daniel Leyva, Local 92 Contestant; Luis Miramontes, Local 92 Business Manager; Guillermo Oseguera, Local 92 Instructor 

Congrats to Local 92 on Winning the Local of the Year Award!

Local  92 Contestant

Left to Right: Steve Brown, Local 549 Judge; Ted Unsworth, APF Judge; Ron Mayor, APCom Judge; Tim Ruth, Local 101 Judge; Mark Keffeler, Local 242 Judge; Michael Nelson, CMW Judge; Andrew Jones, Helper


Left to Right: Brandon Tyson, Local 502; Timmetha Johnson, Local 4 Contestant; Brad Flanigan, Local 242 Contestant; Alex Levine, Local 549 Contestant; Daniel Leyva, Local 92 Contestant; Michael Gonzales, Local 101 Contestant; Michael Yazzie, Local 627 Contestant


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