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Training Apprentices to Become Highly Skilled Boilermakers

The Boilermakers Trade includes the fabrication, installation, modification and repair of boilers, hydro dams, tanks, pressure vessels, furnaces and associated equipment such as stacks, platforms in power plants, petroleum refinement, chemical plants, paper mills, steel mills and food and beverage plants. The skills required of a construction boilermaker consists of reading blueprints, rigging of heavy loads, burning, welding, layout, fit up, fabrication of metal parts and often working in tight spaces and high places in excesses of 100 feet.


Our objective is to train apprentice boilermakers in all phases of the erection and repair industry that will be a credit to the industry.  To accomplish this our program has implemented a training program that utilizes On-the-Job Training and Supplemental Related Instruction.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure that apprentices who apply themselves to learn the trade will be afforded the opportunity to become highly skilled craft workers. 


If this is your goal, please review our applicant information section and apply.


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